About Me

bunny-front1 I’m a book lover from way back. In fact, my mother regularly tells the story of  me at two years old, carrying a Golden Book around instead of a teddy bear! So I was born with a   love of books and reading, although at the moment I tend to read mostly textbooks and journal articles. I’m a psychology and criminology student, with the goal of finishing with my PhD in Forensic Psychology. My partner is a forensic criminologist by trade, and associate professor of criminology at a university. Together we’re partners in crime you might say 🙂

TEBFINAL Med-checkerI love to read thrillers with a psychological/police procedural feel to them, and the odd Harlequin romance, which is a hoot i know. I’ve set up this blog to share my reading adventures with you all, recommend good books and authors, and step away from the stuffy academic writing! So don’t be surprised if I’m lax with my grammar an punctuation *laughing*.

Thanks for liking, sharing, and/or following the page. Hope you enjoy.

large_cute-bookworm 1Nat


8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello there, how exciting to discover you and your blog. I love seeing the stacks of books and your shelves. Brought me much joy. Which part of Australia are you from? I grew up there and now live in California.


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